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ABAP Managed Database Procedure:

The AMDP framework developed to integrate the HANA capabilities in ABAP applications. AMDP allows ABAP developers to create and execute database procedures in the ABAP NW 7.4 SP 5 using ABAP methods and ABAP data types. We can SQL script which can seamlessly integrate into recent ABAP development. The new coding paradigm released in ABAP [...]

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Real Time BEx Report in Optimized way

We all come across the situation where we need real time data in BEx report and expecting in optimized way where we have millions of records in source. For example, we might create status report where user can lock or unlock or submit each data region separately and user wants to check the status in [...]

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SAP Webdynpro Assistance Class

For each Webdynpro Component can only have one assistance class. Assistance class can be defined at component level. The assistance class delivers two usages which are. Performance benefit Defining business logic in assistance class To Use Assistance Class, We have to create a Class using T-code se24 Select Class Type as Usual ABAP Class and [...]

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Webinar-Realtime BW Reporting Powered by HANA AMDP

To join us register here REALTIME BW REPORTING POWERED BY HANA AMDP Why should use AMDP? Calculations executed while retrieving the data from the database can significantly reduce the runtime of an ABAP program. Enables coding SQLScript inside ABAP Class and executed in database. Manage and call stored or database procedure in ABAP. Accessing [...]

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SAP BASIS-Importing of Transport Request in OS level

Importing of Transport Request in OS level What is tp command? The process of importing Transport manually. This can be done by TP program from the operating system level. Transport control program TP is controlled by a parameter file TP_<domain>.PFL which is present under bin subdirectory of the transport directory. Difference between OS transport and [...]

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SAP BPC – Control Process Chain Flow by Data Manager Package Status

Process Chain: A process chain is a sequence of processes that are scheduled to wait in the background for an event. Some of these processes trigger a separate event that can, in turn, start other processes. Data Manager Package: Data Manager is a Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) module that helps you move data in [...]

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SAP BW-Usage of Global Variables in Routine

Usage of Global Variables in BW Routine. Sometimes we wish to fill the internal table only once, and also we need use the internal table across all the start, end and field routines like STATIC internal table which will be used inside routines, function module or static methods. BW routine is created using local class, [...]

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SAP HANA-Decision Table

DECISION TABLE: Decision table is a powerful feature for formulating the rules in a business or an organization. The decision tables are quite simple and easy to understand. Decision tables are used mainly because of their visibility, clearness, coverage capabilities, low maintenance and automation fitness. The business rules are structured in a table form which [...]

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SAP ABAP Debugger Desktop Tools

ABAP Debugger Desktop Tools:- The most important part of the New ABAP Debugger user interface is the desktops and tools. The desktops are your work areas, and all available tools. You can configure the desktops to your needs and switch to specialized desktops for unique debugging tasks. Data Explorer: For very complicated data structures, such [...]

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