Industry Specialization


We deliver integrated SAP ecommerce. This means that the web shop is partially installed within SAP Business All in one, leveraging all the data and calculations which are already there. It also serves customer pricing, does re-ordering based on existing orders and users your product database directly to set-up SEO and URLs.

Oil & Gas

Our SAP Oil & Gas solution enable the companies deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy. The solutions can help to drive the world economic growth by optimizing capital spend, maximize return on assets, and drive sustainable operations while operating safely.

Banking and Financial Institutions

The customized SAP solutions meets this daunting task of bringing together individual modules tailored to specific banking landscapes providing complete answers to complex and ever-changing situations.Our business technologists thoroughly understand the banking industry and will help identify compelling benefits, then accompany you every step of the way whilst sharing risk and accountability.

Educational Institutions

StaunchForce provides educational institutions with SAP based solutions with topnotch consulting and technology.Our education planning and management suites help in accelerating student performances, support superior research, and streamline financial and administrative functions. We provide schools, colleges and universities of different sizes and statures, customized solutions to upgrade and redesign both the quality of education and the overall reputation of the organization.

Pharma Industries

SAP solutions for the life sciences industry provides technology to pharmaceutical, medical devices and biotechnology. Plays a key role in faster delivery, innovation and introduction of new drugs and medical devices.


SAP for communication service provides telecom management and billing system. The focus is to provide solutions and maintain the loyalty of the digital customer. SAP provides a streamlined experience across all channels and devices with personalized customer views.


SAP technology enables new profitable growth through digital channels. Developing high quality deliverance in media enables personalization and improved user experience. SAP improves digital audience relationship and gains new digital business.


SAP in manufacturing industry enables to improve procure to pay process. Increased product traceability is achieved built-in report details. Production operations can meet quality standards using enhanced built-in packages and solutions.

Retail Industries

With SAP, the Retailers could establish a digital foundation with a detailed understanding of customers by personalizing the shopping experience. Also enables to optimize assortments, prices and fulfill the flexibility across all channels.

Public Sector

SAP in public sector is to provide integrated solution for tax collectors, auditors, revenue department and other government organizations. This leads to improved quality of citizen trust and increased government trust.


SAP for Healthcare provides solutions to the specific standards and process for health care industry. Supported by Net-Weaver, it forms a powerful integration platform that improves the operational efficiency, cost controlling and patient services.