SAP BPC systems are integral part of Finance systems for efficient planning and consolidations. In case of Public limited companies BPC system is often mission critical to an organization for legal consolidations. Effectively managing BPC solutions is of paramount importance to both IT and Finance teams. BPC batch jobs are one of the critical processes to ensure BPC data is accurate. These jobs may be actuals load from ERP or business calculations like currency translations & intercompany eliminations.

While BPCs inbuilt package monitor settings provide a comprehensive overview of status of BPC batch jobs. However it is reactive approach to view this package monitor. Send email functionality doesn’t effectively send a list of failures. We have a developed a custom program to proactively monitor BPC Jobs. The program is developed using ABAP and scheduled in the netweaver system in which BPC is hosted.

This program reads the status of BPC batch jobs, in case of any failures or warnings sends an automated email to a preset notifications distribution list or a list of email address. This program can be scheduled in a recurring schedule as quickly as even 1 minute, to get a quicker notification in case of failures. Also status of jobs you want to be notified and models (applications) for which you have to enable this can be configured without much need for programmatic change.