The New ABAP Debugger has a more robust and flexible architecture than the classic ABAP Debugger and runs in a separated session. It provides three user specific desktops which you can customize and save as your favorite debugger environment. It is also provides seven standard desktop which should cover most of the common working conditions in the debugger,

Standard – Stepping through the code Structures – Compare Structures

Tables – Compare Tables Objects – Compare Objects

Detail Display – Display strings, Simple fields.., Breakpoints – Maintain your Breakpoints

Diff – Compare Variables


Standard Tools:-

Breakpoints: New Debugger breakpoints live in external sessions and it will be lost when the debug session is closed. Dynamic breakpoints can be create/Delete by clicking on the line.

Watchpoints: It is used to watch single variable, If the values gets changes debugger would stop mentioning the watchpoint reached.

Quick Watch: Double Clicking in the editor fills appropriate detail view and fills/open quick watch, Double clicking in quick Watch fills/opens appropriate detail view. Quick watch enables the user to change the variable values.


debugger4F5 – Single Step: Single Step means debug line by line

debugger4F6 – Execute: Execute the subroutine / Function Module without entering into the definition.

debugger4F7 – Return: After entering into the subroutine/ Function module definition, to come out from any point of definition.

debugger6F8 – Continue: Jumps to next break/watch point if available. Otherwise it executes the whole program and come out of it.