Using Digital/Voice Assistants for Small Business

With rapid improvements in technology, life is moving quite fast into a more digitized era. A similar case can be acknowledged for the small business industry. Introduction of technology as intricate as it is for big business giants, the complexity and competition among small businesses have been intensifying. Therefore, small business owners are advised to keep up with the changing digital trends. And one of these latest trends includes the use of digital or voice assistants. Products like Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are changing the game for managing small businesses.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Assistants into Your Small Business

A voice assistant technology can be used in multiple ways for a small business. One of the common things in an average small business is fewer people doing more work. Often, the small business owner and managers will find themselves wearing more than one hat at work. It can become exhausting and complicated to complete multiple tasks when you have got only so many hands. A digital assistant, in this case, can be a problem solver, or at least, problem minimizer.

Here is how you can use a voice assistant for daily small business tasks and operations:

Manage Accountancy and Financials

With digitization becoming a hot trend across the small business industry, many have installed small business software like online accounting software. With the help of a voice assistant, the software can be accessed with minimal interaction with any screen you might be using. It saves time and allows you to access important information on the go.

Order Business Essentials

Your business’s efficiency can often become halted with the lack of seemingly minute supplies. The daily supply of things like printing paper, printer ink, kitchen essentials, office stationery, etc. are more important than many people think. With voice assistants, you can easily order them online with much less hassle.

Manage Business Travel Plans

The use of digital voice assistant can make your business travel pans much easier to manage. You can easily book flights, reservations, or rent a car. Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, your assistant can come handy in determining the destination’s weather, traffic conditions, and more so you are prepared accordingly.

Stay Up to Date on Your business Schedules

Voice assistants can help you schedule office meetings and other events. You can sync the technology with your email and calendar. It will remind you of the dates and times the meetings and events are due at. Not only will you have a less chance of missing out on an important event but you can also keep other parties involved up to date by sharing notifications.

The benefit of using voice assistants is quite clear from the multiple ways they can be integrated into a small business. They considerably reduce manual working and syncing with other technology can provide even more productivity out of small business software.

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